Proper Form & Alignment

For Outdoor Exercise - Get into Proper Starting Position

There are two basic positions—or stances—that you will rely on throughout all your Outdoor Fitness sessions: the Athletic Stance and the Split Stance. Both positions provide you with a broad base of support for all your Outdoor Fitness moves, so you can work confidently and with full range of motion on any terrain.

The "TVA Abdominal Flattener"

Outdoor Fitness clients swear by this exercise. TVA stands for the main muscle you are targeting: the transverse abdominus. The beauty of this abdominal muscle is it lies deep within the core muscles. It’s a “stability” muscle, which if it’s trained efficiently, can and will flatten that dreaded “pooch” that happens after pregnancy or through the aging process. Gravity and the process of living cause our innards to droop outward—thus, the pooch. But this is not your destiny. You can tighten the muscles just like a natural girdle, to pull everything back in, for a tight, flat abdominal wall—FLAT from the pelvis to the ribs!

The True Path to Functional Fitness

A conversation with a legend and pioneer in the fitness industry—Vern Gambetta

Vern Gambetta has been called a "Fitness Pioneer", "The Godfather of Sports Conditioning", and the "Trainer’s Trainer". He’s trained many amateur and professional teams, including the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, The Cincinnati Reds, The San Jose Sharks and the US Men’s World Cup Soccer Team. He's considered the Founding Father of Functional Sports Training—also known as Functional Fitness.
Read his Top Tips. Listen to the Podcast...

The Five Best Ways to Boost Your Cardio

Want to incinerate fat and calories? Mix it up!
Keep your mind entertained and your body guessing by adding variety to your cardiovascular routine. Here are our top 5 cardio workouts.

The Best Exercise Equipment for Using Outdoors

Besides using the outdoor terrain and props like benches, logs, hills, steps and stairs, as aid in training, you can incorporate exercise equipment. With a little planning it’s easy to include simple, portable and affordable training tools into any outdoor workout. It’s worth investing in equipment that’s durable and will stand up to the outdoor elements.

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