Create Maximum Strength in Minimum Time with Compound Exercises

Compound Exercises are a fast and efficient way to get a lot done in a little time.
What are Compound Exercises?
Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises that work several muscle groups at a time, and move your body in natural ways - pushing, pulling, and lifting.
For example:
You can create two exercises out of one repetition - try a Row with a Triceps Kickback. See the video below.

Muscular Strength & Endurance - Creating a Fun and Effective Program

Building muscle doesn't have to be tedious or boring. All it takes is a little planning and creativity.

Downloadable Podcast - The Full Body Stretch

Stretching is vital part of your cool down after your workout sessions. Download our full body stretch routine podcast.
Flexibility work at the end of your exercise routine will lengthen tight muscles, increase circulation, prevent injury, and remove waste from your system.

Lateral Leg Exercises Work More Than Legs

Life is NOT a linear event!  For better results - mix it up.
The simple truth about fitness is this:  Exercise that can be done in an outdoor location, or site, that includes hilly or mountainous trails, a grassy city or suburban park, a sandy beach, can and will better your performance. By utilizing a variety of terrain, you will learn a new degree of body awareness and train your body to move in a variety of ways.

Posture Perfect

When was the last time your mother told you to stand up straight? I heard it constantly, not from my mother, but from my Grandfather who threatened to tie my shoulders back to keep them from slouching. At 12 years old I couldn’t imagine why it mattered. 22 years later, I think I finally understand.
Slouching shoulders can produce all kinds of pain, but the most common symptoms are torn rotator cuffs, neck pain, migraines, a variety of hand and wrist ailments, and the one symptom 75% of all Americans can relate to- back pain.

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