Slashing your Stress Level in the Great Outdoors

As a culture, we are used to accepting stress as part of life. What we don’t often recognize are the physical effects of allowing stress to accompany us throughout our days. Your entire (BodyMind) system is directly affected by the physical, mental and emotional stresses of your daily life.

Improve Your Balance with One Simple Move

Rock’n-Balance     (SEE VIDEO BELOW)
With people suffering over 300,000 broken hips every year in the U.S. alone, balance is one of the most overlooked components of fitness.
I came up with this exercise one fall day when I was training for ski season. I was bounding up a dry riverbed when I spotted a very pointy rock. I challenged myself to stand on the point for as long as I could. Later I added “foot scribing” exercises, such as spelling my name in huge loopy letters, and trying to balance with my eyes closed. 

Why "BodyMind" and not "Mind Body" ?

Here’s some news that might surprise you: the BodyMind connection is not a mystical, otherworldly, nebulous thing. It really exists--and you don’t need to be a yogi to access it! There is now scientific evidence to support a centuries-old philosophy: that the body and the mind are not two separate spheres, but are in fact deeply entwined.

Beyond Butts and Biceps

Mental and Emotional Power

If you trained with me, you'd hear me remind you many times throughout your workouts: Thoughts are things. The impact of our mental and emotional selves on our physical selves cannot be overestimated.

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