Happiness - How to Experience it Every Day

Learn how your thoughts and actions can lead to greater happiness in your daily life and beyond.
Happiness!  What makes you happy?  Did you know there is evolving research taking place in an area known as Positive Psychology? Turns out we all have much greater control of our happiness then previously thought!

Trend Watch – Forest Bathing

Can exposure to parks and greenery reduce stress and strengthen Immunity?
"Shinrin-yoku" or Forest Bathing” has become an increasingly popular way for people in Japan to relax and get healthy.  Shrnrin-yoko is basically a relaxed stroll through the forest and it is thought of as natural aromatherapy. 

The Laughing Workout?

We've all laughed until we've cried, or had laughing fits so strong our stomach hurt. As it turns out, laughing can give you a physical and emotional workout--found to increase blood flow, relieve stress and strengthen the immune system.

10 Point Checklist for Mental Fitness

Great athletes know that mental focus is as much a part of training and skill as physical prowess. Outdoor Fitness makes mental focus and acuity training a cornerstone of its program.

Meditation Can Make You Happier and Healthier

In a remarkable collaborative study between the Dali Lama and some of the country’s finest neuroscientists, researchers found that meditation and mindfulness training enhances the brain’s ability to eliminate distressing feelings in favor of optimistic, upbeat feelings and thoughts.  In their article in the peer-reviewed journal Psychosomatic Medicine, Drs. Davidson and Kabat-Zinn also reported that training in mindfulness meditation also supports and strengthens the immune system.

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