Body Composition

Body Composition

Body Composition Tip 2 - Keep Track of Your Goals and Progress

Strategies for Goal Setting
Outdoor Fitness is not just about a firmer butt and better biceps; it’s about health, fitness and well-being, and creating a better lifestyle—a life with style!  However, it takes more than just fat loss and firm muscles. For a happier, healthier, well-balanced life, it’s important to create goals in all areas of our life. So take a moment to explore what your goals in life really are, then decide to follow through.
Get Specific

Body Composition Tip 1 - Ditch the Scale

Here’s some good news: You can stop glaring at your bathroom scale. Knowing your body composition ratio is a much more accurate and objective measure of health and fitness than your weight.
Weight is an unreliable and often deceptive indicator in measuring your baseline health and the effectiveness of your fitness program because your body weight can change by a lot—day to day, hour by hour—simply from the foods you eat. A salty meal can leave you bloated and unable to button your favorite jeans, and a night of unhealthy foods can leave you constipated and heavier.

Can Too Much Cardio Make You Fat?

Exercise is good for us, but too much can be harmful.  Did you know that too much cardio can actually increase stress and the levels cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body?  It's true. 
Learn the single, most important thing you can do to avoid the wrong types of exercise and keep your cortisol levels under control.

The Five Greatest Sports Nutrition Myths

Listen in on a conversation with Matt Fitzgerald, the health and fitness author, journalist, and sports nutritionist, as he discusses the "5 Biggest Sports Nutrition Myths" - that even the most informed athletes find confusing.

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Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

An 8-week study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), showed that Hatha Yoga improved flexibility by up thirty-five percent, especially in shoulder and trunk flexibility.
Strength and endurance increased significantly, enabling the participants to perform an average of 6 more push-ups and 14 more curl-ups.

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