Body Composition

Body Composition

A SIMPLE Recipe to Blast Fat Fast!

Running or walking, intervals are a time efficient way to get lean!
Interval training is alternating periods of hard work with low-intensity recoveries. This type of training can help push you off a plateau—boosting aerobic fitness and burning a load of calories.
The Plan
Run with it. To blast your body into shedding fat, do this interval workout once or twice a week. Not a runner? See recommendations below.

To Get Fitter Faster You'll Need Muscular Strength and Endurance

What's the Best Method to Get Fit Fast?
A friend of mine is on a mission - a mission to lose weight for an upcoming date. The date is a trip to Mexico, where she'll be sporting her new bikini, in front of her new Beau. Her mission is intense and has included up to two hours per day of long, slow "fat burning" running. That is, until she injured herself and her Achilles tendon from overuse.
Question: What's the fasted and smartest way to get fit and lose weight?

Does Belly Fat Come From Stress?

The talk surrounding stress and belly fat is a very popular theory these days. Why? Because so many of us are over-fat and over-stressed!
However, the stress/belly fat connection comes from research showing that increased levels of the hormone cortisol are associated with higher levels of deep abdominal fat.
What is Cortisol?

Body Composition—Why You Ought to Ditch the Scale

A healthy weight is not always reflected by the bathroom scale. Knowing your body composition ratio of fat-to-lean body mass is a much more accurate and objective measure of your health and fitness.

Body weight is deceptive and unreliable because as we all know our body weight can change by a lot day-to-day, hour-by-hour, simply from the foods we eat. For example, a salty meal can leave you bloated and unable to button your favorite jeans, and a night of unhealthy foods can leave you constipated.

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