Get More Out of Your Workouts Using Environmental Integration

One of the great benefits of exercising outside is the experience of connecting to the natural world around you. This process of connecting mentally and physically to nature is what I call Environmental Integration. Awareness of your environment keeps you safe on the trail; it also promotes a feeling of “oneness” with the natural world around you. Nature becomes both a guide and a companion.

How to Train Like an Athlete with SAQ

Why SAQ?
Remember how quick and agile you were as a child? You ran flat out on the playground, darting and dodging the other kids in games of tag. You were having fun, but you were also building valuable sport and fitness skills.

How to Reach Your Goals Through Mental and Emotional Fitness

Athletes know that mental focus is as much a part of training and skill as physical prowess. Working out in the outdoors requires concentration and adaptiveness, as you constantly adjust to new conditions and changing terrain. Outdoor Fitness makes mental focus and acuity training a cornerstone of its program. BodyMind, mindfulness, concentration and emotional power techniques are integrated with the physical elements of the workouts to create a true whole health and fitness program.

For Better Performance - Mind Your Thoughts

You've heard it said before:  Thoughts are things. The impact of our mental and emotional selves on our physical selves cannot be overestimated.

The Five Greatest Sports Nutrition Myths

Listen in on a conversation with Matt Fitzgerald, the health and fitness author, journalist, and sports nutritionist, as he discusses the "5 Biggest Sports Nutrition Myths" - that even the most informed athletes find confusing.

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