Don't Let the Cold Weather Put Your Outdoor Workouts on Ice

Winter can be an exhilarating time to exercise outdoors. Snow-capped mountains, glistening hillsides, and crisp cool air are enticing. Moreover, winter weather often drives people into the gym, so you’re likely to have the trail to yourself. Cold temperatures, snow and ice all pose risks you need to prepare for, however. See the Outdoor Fitness Winter Sports Workout.

The Outdoor Winter Workout

Winter sports are a blast! They’re even more fun when you’re fit for the challenges of the terrain.
Here is an outdoor workout that I designed (for Athleta Chi) to get you in shape for your favorite winter activities. The workout incorporates simple strength exercises that are incredibly effective—and efficient—because they demand that your body works across many planes of motion: up, down, forward, laterally, diagonally, twisting and rotating. They are also great for mental focus and balance—the perfect complement for winter sports. Check out: The Winter Sports Workout

Improve Your Endurance with 5 Simple Exercises

Imagine what would happen to your running or biking if you were able to get more oxygen with every breath.  You’d go farther, be faster, and last longer, with less effort.  That’s why there have been more than a few pro and recreational athletes who’ve tried to do it less than legally.

Instead of blood doping or using suspicious pills, there are two ways to improve your lung capacity naturally.  The first is by improving the position of your mid and upper back, and the second, is by restoring the full function of your diaphragm.

Trouble Focusing? Feeling Blue? You Could be Overtraining

Too far too fast—overtraining and injury
Overtraining syndrome is the most common cause of injury and physical ailments. In a rush to accomplish too much too soon, people often do themselves—and their fitness goals—real harm. Play it smart, and you stay healthy, make steady progress, and enjoy your exercise uninterrupted by injury and fatigue. Overdo things, and you risk a host of injuries, including shin splints, stress fractures, ankle sprains, knee and lower back pain, and foot pain. 
Learn the Signs

Winter Sports Conditioning - Dryland Training

Now is the time to prep for your favorite winter activities with sport-specific training.

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