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Make Your Workouts Easier and More Effective with a Warm up - DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST

If you start every workout with a warm up for your body and mind - you will find that your workouts become easier, more enjoyable AND you'll take your fitness to a new level.
Every workout should begin with a five- to ten-minute warm-up. A warm-up is your time to limber up your body—and your mind—in preparation for the workout to come. It can be as simple as a walk or a jog.

A Simple Exercise to Improve Your Posture

QuestionI drive a lot and I think it's contributing to my bad (and getting worse) posture. Is there an exercise I can do to improve my posture?
Answer:  Yes! There is a simple and effective exercise that you can do to train yourself for better posture. This exercise is great for maintaining the natural “S” curve of your spine—what's more—you can do it at your desk or behind the wheel.

Two Easy Ways to Prevent Overtraining Injuries

Summertime is an easy time to get outdoors and exercise. For some, it's the thought of getting into that Speedo or heading to the Class Reunion that inspires all the training, for others, it can be addicting to run or play loads of tennis in the warm weather. Problem is, all that training can lead to injuries. However, there is a simple solution to preventing an over-use injury - Cross Training and Active Rest.

Terrain Training - Steps and Stairs

Turn the terrain around your neighborhood into the ultimate gym.

One of my favorite workouts is what I call "terrain training." Terrain training is simply taking advantage of whatever type of terrain you have and using it to your advantage. So for example, in the mountains, I like to make my way up a hill and use the downhill to slalom the pine trees (and sliding on their needles) to mimic skiing. Or using a dry riverbed for intense drills, by loading my legs and springing boulder-to-boulder. Other types of terrain training can involve grassy knolls, urban steps and sandy beaches. This is the first post in a series about terrain training - how to scout it, how to create workouts for maximum benefits, and how to keep it safe.

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