The Best Exercise Program

“The very best exercise program is one that stimulates the body, the mind and the emotions.”    —Tina Vindum

Current State of the Industry
Today I find myself at a very large fitness conference in Los Angeles. I am here to take a look around for a couple of days and find out what is new and interesting within the industry. So far, I don't see a great deal of change. Apart from a few new machines (one-armed rowing), mini trampolines, stretching devices, and braided resistance tubing, things still seem status-quo. Zzzzz.....boring!

Sure, some of the break-out presentations are interesting: How to Motivate Clients! Tune up Your Pelvic Floor. Women's Health Report. However, there is a heck-of-a-lot of the same old stuff: "Step it Up!" "Dance Party X-treme." Core-Functional Mat. 
Okay, so there is one military-styled boot camp presentation where trainers are learning how to set up a boot camp...but it includes chanting military songs coupled with drills. Where is the freshness? Where is the inspiration and adventure? As fitness pros are we doomed to be locked indoors, strapped to machines, breathing canned air, squatting and lifting to loud, thumping music under the fluorescent lights?
Focus on the Outdoors
There are two main reasons that the great outdoors is the foundation for our Fitness Programs:  1) It provides a stimulating setting for training, and  2) It contributes to overall health and well-being.  This premise about the therapeutic qualities of Outdoor Fitness is gaining more and more attention in the scientific community. These health-promoting qualities, along with the exercise properties of the outdoors, offer distinctive fitness benefits that exceed the results of working out in an indoor gym.
Nature holds a special captivation for all people. Being outdoors in the fresh air among the trees, flowering plants and singing birds has a soothing, restorative and healing effect. While this benefit is most pronounced in wilderness areas—open country meadows, flowing streams, ocean beaches or mountain tops—urban neighborhoods also offer a landscape for nature therapy and fitness. The nature connection can be experienced in any outdoor environment if people tune in their mind and their senses.
The Outdoors Enhance Your Athletic Abilities
When we reflect on what makes a good athlete great, we must take a look at what it takes to be on top in any sport.  Intensity, concentration and relaxation are all the hallmarks of success in any champion. We can adopt these qualities into our health and fitness program; Intensity of exercise and commitment to it, the concentration it takes to become efficient at the task at hand, and the relaxation required to not to get anxious or tense with physical and mental effort. Nature enhances these qualities for us.
The Bottom Line: 
Humans are attracted to the natural world—the earth, wind, fire, sun, moon, water, plants and animals. We have a need to be near these natural elements. That’s why we surround ourselves and our homes with plants, flowers and aromatherapies; fish tanks, ponds and flowing water; fireplaces and candlelight; even dogs and cats. Take it a step further and adopt an Outdoor Fitness program that will not only make you physically stronger, it will enhance just about every aspect of your being!


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