Base Move - The Reverse Lunge

The reverse lunge helps you gain strength, especially in your quadriceps. It will also rapidly improve your balance and spatial awareness in the ever-changing outdoor environment.
Works: Hamstrings, Glutes, Quadriceps, Balance
Props: Flat Ground
Starting Position: Start in the athletic stance with your hands on your hips, chest open, eyes forward.
Action:  Inhale as you take a long step backwards onto your right toes so that your right knee points down to the ground. Gradually lower your hips until your forward left knee is bent at a 45° angle. Exhale as you press firmly through your back right toes to the starting position. Alternate between the right and left legs.
Modifications :
Easier: Step back with only a slight bend in the forward knee.
Harder: Bend your forward knee to a 90° angle and do not alternated legs, only work one leg for a full set, then switch.
Focal Point:
•    Maintain even balance and weight distribution between both legs.

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