Base Move - The Forward Lunge

Lunges are a staple in your outdoor fitness program because you can do them on a variety of terrain. Once you are comfortable with the basic forward lunge you can progress by moving along grassy knolls and sandbars, up stairs, ramps, and hills. You can also incorporate fun props like stumps, curbs, and flat rocks for step lunges.
Works: Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Core Stability
Props:  Flat Ground
Starting Position: Start in the Athletic Stance, with your hands on your hips, ribs lifted, chest open, and eyes forward
Action: Inhale as you take a long step forward onto your right foot so that your right knee forms a 45° angle, and your left knee points down to the ground. Maintain even balance and weight distribution between both legs. Exhale as you engage your midsection, and push back through the right heel to the starting position. Repeat on the left leg.
Easier:  Step forward with only a slight bend at the knee.
Harder: Bend your forward leg to a 90° angle. Work one leg for a full set, then repeat on the other leg for a full set.
Focal Points:
•    Keep your forward knee inline with your ankle.
•    For added stability, engage your lower abdominal wall for support and stability.

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